Diversity and Inclusion in Intentional Communities

the Triennial Conference of the

International Communal Studies Association

Conference Dates: July 18-21, 2019

Conference Location: Camphill Communities near Hudson, NY, USA


Plenary Sessions

Diversity and Inclusion: The Big Picture

          with Luther Smith, Mayana Ludwig, and others TBA

Introduction to Camphill

          with Jan Bang, Libby Sanders, Richard Steel, Pamela Cushing, Andrew Plant & Zacharie Dusingizimana

Diversity and Inclusion in Intentional Communities: A Sampler

          with Orna Shemer, Crystal Farmer, Taisa Mattos, and Ira Wallace

Diversity and Inclusion at the Host Communities

          with members of Camphill Copake, Camphill Ghent, Camphill Hudson, and Camphill Triform



Storytelling in Community     

with Jan Bang and Anton Marks

Intergenerational Circle: Youth & Elder Connection

                with Cynthia Tina

Hertha Intentional Community

with members of Hertha Community

Diversity and Inclusion in Intentional Communities across Australia, across Time

                with Bill Metcalf

Experiences of Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities and Persecution in a 100-Year-Old International Communal Movement

                with Ephraim Ben Eliezer and Martin Johnson

Intentional Communities as Platforms for Cultivating Collective Liberation

                with Sky Blue and Avi Kruley

The Limits of Diversity

                with Laird Schaub

Camphill Community Glencraig Solidarity Project

                with Vincent Reynolds and Others

Inclusion Across Race/Ethnicity, Class, and Legal Status: What Have We Learned at Angelica Village?

                with members of Angelica Village

The Rwandan Approach of Inclusion for People with Disabilities

                with Zacharie Dusingizimana, Viateur Uwambajimana, and Natascha Hermann

Engaging Spiritual Diversity in Community: Lessons from L’Arche

                with Joan Winchester and Lisa Cataldo

“Beyond What I Could Ever Imagine!”: College Students and Immersion Experiences at Ecovillages

                with Heather Sullivan-Catlin

Ritual and Relational Care

                with P. W. Blomaard

Unity Singing, Circle Dance, and Their Inclusive Qualities

                with Maria A. Angeli

Special Needs—Special Care: Sharing Life with Refugees in Community with Adults with Special Needs

                with members of the House of Peace

Acting on Inclusion: Creative Spiritual Explorations with L’Arche for Inclusive Community with People with Disabilities

                with members of L’Arche Boston North

Regenerative Practices of Self Awareness and Compassion Are Exponentially More Necessary living in Community: Here’s How to Do It

                with Marna Schwartz

Religious and Cultural Diversity in an Intentional Community

                with members of the Grace Year Community



Hippy Family Values

                with filmmaker Beverly Seckinger

Food Talks

With the Camphill Hudson Players


Camphill Research Symposium Sessions

Camphill Village Minnesota: Sharing Our CQL Findings and Experience

          with members of Camphill Village Minnesota

The Children’s Village: Childhood at the Center of Intentional Community

          with Camphill Academy Students

Quality of Life Assessments and Community Transformation

          with Camphill Ontario, Camphill Heartbeet, and Camphill Minnesota

Interdependence and Community

          with Amy Boele


Storytelling in Community

          with Gleice Paulino da Silva

The Limits of Welcome

          with Benjamin Wall

Dependency and Community

          with Eva Feder Kittay

Community Conversations

          with Erik Carter


          with Zoe Brennan-Krohn

Spiritual Formation and Diverse Fellowship

          with Elizabeth Sanders

A Pattern of Our Own: Artistic Collaboration through Consensus

                with Chrystal Odin


Scholarly Papers


Andrew Plant                                          “The Impact of Diversity and Inclusion on the Camphill Communities in the United Kingdom”                         

Corinna Balavoine                                     “Common Space: The Commonplace of Inclusion”                       

Amy Hart                                               “’We had everything but a jail, to tell you the truth!’ An Exploration of Historical Communities of Color in the United States”

Michal Palgi & Shlomo Getz                          “The Kibbutz Identity: A Rendezvous between a Commune and a Cooperative”          

Joe Cole                                                 “Can Habermas Help Communities Talk About Racism? The Ideal Speech Situation and the Shift from Diversity to Racial Equality”

Birte Miereczko                              “Reaching Out and Inviting In: The Challenges of a Camphill Community”     

Victor Odula                                            “They Call Us the Burdens: Understanding the Emotional Troubles of HIV/AIDS Orphaned Children in Homa Bay District, Kenya”

Deborah Altus                                          “Maintaining Age Diversity in Intentional Communities: Problems and Practices”

Orna Shemer & Eitan Shahar                          “Has the DNA of the Urban Kibbutz Passed on to its Social Initiatives? The Genetics of Inclusion”         

Shmuel Burmil                                          “Issues in the Study of a Community Landscape”

Havatzelet Ariel & Menachem Topel                  “From Kibbutz’ Formal Duty to Members’ Personal Responsibility”

Kathy Fernandez                                         “He Loves Influence”: Joseph Bimeler’s Leadership Style”

Katherine Sorrels                                        “Camphill’s Place in Twentieth Century History”

Aharon Azati                                      “A Composite Kibbutz or Inclusion Community? Test Case of Kishorit and Kibbutz Kishor”               

Brett Thatcher                                            “Hope from Beyond ‘Us’: The Role of Thirdness in Healing Communities”     

Mark Ferrara                                             “Mulberry Family Commune: Creativing Inclusive Community in the American South”

Melitta Furze                                             “A Central European Woodstock in Achberg 1974: The Social Ideas of Joseph Beuys and the Connection to the Camphill Community”

Shlomo Getz & Yechezkel Dar                          “Organizational and Managerial Dilemmas in the Renewed Kibbutz”

Stephen Lloyd-Moffett                                  “The Community that Experiences Together, Stays Together: Finding Unity in Profound Shared Experiences”

Aharon Ariel Lavi                                        “From the Kibbutz to the Urban Kibbutz: The New Wave of Diverse Intentional Communities in Israel”

Aharon Ariel Lavi                                        “Gather the People: From a Dissolving Sense of Community to Communal Intentionality”

Allen Butcher                                            “Class-Harmony Community”

Yona Prital                                                “Perspectives of Inclusion in the Kibbutz Movement Communities and Urban Intentional Communities in Israel”

Maria Burschel                                           “Separation and Doing Family in Intentional Communities: A Comparative Study”

Lisa Mychajluk                                           “Learning Sustainability in the Ecovillage: Findings from Dancing Rabbit and Twin Oaks”

Chris Roth                                                “Exploring the Limits of Diversity and Inclusion in Contemporary Intentioanl Communities”

Helen Zuman                                            “The Dark Side of Utopia: A View from Zendik Farm”

Cynthia Tina                                             “Ecosystems of Collaboration: Stories to Inspire”

Lorraine Duvall                               “A Woman’s Place: An Adirondack Women’s Commune”

Michael Gill                                             “What About Home? Community & Care Labor”

Chris Coates                                             “What Did We Say We Would Do and Did We Do It?”

Yannick Kiesel                                          “Life in De Kersentuin: Examining the Characteristics of a Sustainable Cohousing Project”

Colin Harper                                            “The Dialectic of Inclusion and Exclusion: The Human Right to Exclude Oneself from ‘the Community’ in a Community and Article 19 of
                         the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities”

Tim Miller                                               “God’s Land, Open to All: High Ideals versus Mundane Reality”         

Amsale Temesgen                                       “The Transformation of a Norwegian Ecovillage and its Impact on Quality of Life”

Orly Ganany                                             “The Impact of Inclusive Entrepreneurship on an Intentional Kibbutz Community”

Anton Marks                                            “Kibbutz Mish’ol and the New Kibbutz Movement”

Susan Love Brown                                      “Communal Societies and American Capitalism”

Daniel Greenberg                                      “Ecovillage Education: Past, Present, and Future”

James Fearnley                                         “Becoming Community: Lessons from the Honey Bee”

Joshua Lockyer                              “A Commons Community: 80 Years of Community Building and Common Property Stewardship in Celo, Western North Carolina”

Avi Shnider                                             “The Role of the Location as a Main Infrastructure for the Cooperative: The Case of Moshav Zin”

Erik Freeman                                           “Slaveholding Critique of Community” [Sunday Only]

Elisabeth Meyer-Renschhausen                      “Reclaiming the Commons: Community Gardening Connects Cities with the Countryside”   

Linda Hixon                                            "The Outcast Race: Diversity in the Hopedale Community”

Thomas Murphy                             “Spirituality and Inclusion: Creative Spiritual Ideas from L’Arche for Inclusive Community with People with Disabilities”

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