International Communal Studies Association Conference 2016

Tamera, Portugal.  1st – 3rd July 2016


The theme of the conference was:


Community approaches towards inner and outer peace


Conference Schedule

Speakers and Panels


ICSA 2016 Programme

ICSA 2016 Abstracts and Workshops

Keynote Speech

Deborah Altus – Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas, USA

Perspectives on inner and outer peace from long-term members of intentional communities in the United States

Panel 1

Taisa Mattos & Cecilia de Mello e Souza – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Ecovillages as Seeds of a Regenerative Culture: An Ethnographic Study of Findhorn Ecovillage, Scotland

Hugo de Carvalho Ferreira - PhD student at Europa-Universität Viadrina

Making a place under the sun: stories of (friendly and unfriendly) interrelations between an ecovillage and its neighborhood 

Ana Margarida Esteves – Lisbon University Institute

Towards a science that promotes peace? : The “Healing Biotopes Plan” and the emerging experiential method

Panel 2

Dr. Stephen Lloyd-Moffett Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo California.

The Architecture of Peace: Using Space to Create Harmony in Community

Yuval Achouch, Ph.D. Haifa University

The secrets of success in Israeli kibbutz industry today

Matthew Daly Ph.D University of Technology Sydney

Practicing sustainability: Sustainable housing communities as niche sites of environmentally sustainable everyday practice.

Panel 3

Anne-Kathrin Schwab M.A., University of Siegen, Prof. Thomas Scheffer, Prof. Dr. Christoph Strünck & Prof. Dr. Gustav Bergmann

Towards a transformation of order – the order of transformation

Dr. Katharina Bitzker – University of Manitoba/Canada

Welcome to the Pluriverse – Peacebuilders’ Conceptions of Love(s) and Peace(s)

Ran Kuttner, PhD - Givat Haviva

From Co-existence to Shared Society: a paradigm shift in inter-community peacebuilding among Jews and Arabs in Israel

Panel 4

David Leach University of Victoria

More Than a House: The Kibbutz Movement’s Influence on Coexistence Communities in Contemporary Israel

Yona Prital Yad Tabenkin

“Marching together toward a mutual future”

Tamera Speaker

Peace Research Village

Panel 5

Susan Love Brown, Ph.D. Florida Atlantic University

The self-actualization and self-realization of swami kriyananda

Amy Hart PhD University of California

Religious Diversity, Communal Peace? An Alternative to the Guru Model in Intentional Communities

Michael Livni   Kibbutz Lotan   

Spirituality and Intentional Community

Panel 6

Prof Yossi Katz, Tel Aviv University

Inside the Ark: The Hutterites in Canada and the United States

Chris Coates Diggers & Dreamers

Answering Back : The Nails Movement during WW2

Dan McKanan Harvard Divinity School

Peace between the Generations: The Second and Third Generational Transitions in the Camphill Movement 

Panel 7

Dr. Orna Shemer Yad Tabenkin, The Hebrew University

The unique contribution of members from intentional communities to dialogical and participatory praxis

Peter Forster & Marybeth Pereira

How can villages become eco-villages?

Menachem Topel – Yad Tabenkin

To conserve the collectivism you need to change all the time 

Panel 8

Aharon Azati – Yad Tabenkin


“Can’t Do Without Us?” The transition of voluntary communal movement from pre-state era to a national state era

Charles W. Nuckolls, - Brigham Young University 

From Utopianism to Mass Murder: The Strange Case of Nathan Meeker and the Ute War of 1879  

Timothy Miller University of Kansas


Waging Peace: Pacifist and Antiwar Communities in Wartime

Panel 9

Dr. Judith Yoel Oranim Academic College of Education

The Kibbutz’s Evolving Linguistic Landscape

Nitza Davidovitch, Ariel University

Teaching and Learning on the Move: Israeli and Global Higher Education Policies and Trends  


Workshop 1 – Jan Martin Bang

Ecovillage Design

Workshop 2  Anne-Kathrin Schwab M.A., University of Siegen & Prof. Thomas Scheffer

Sociocraty – a consensus based political structure to encourage inner and outer peace?

Workshop 3 - Dr Iris Kunze BOKU University, Vienna.

Research Laboratory for a Sustainable World

Workshop 4 - Dr. Robert J. Deahl , Bob Pavlik and Rick Deines

The Project for Community Transformation Three Years After Findhorn

Workshop 5 - Jan Martin Bang



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Thanks to Deborah Altus, Peter Forster, Yona Prital, Timothy Miller, Stephen Lloyd-Moffett and Jan Bang for the photos.

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