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 ICSA Membership up until the 2022 conference:




Individual                          $100 (for three years for people with professional-level incomes)

Individual                          $50 (for three years for those who are low-income or living in income-sharing communities)

Institutional                      $300 ($100 per year for three years)

Institutional Partner        $750 ($250 per year for three years)




Individual                          150 nis

Institutional                      350 nis



Donations, however big or small, will be gratefully received and will enable ICSA to continue its activities into the future.


Institutional and Institutional Partner Memberships by Organisations

Membership fees have been kept low out of respect for the many communes and intentional communities whose members live at or near a subsistence level.  Organizations that wish to partner with ICSA at a deeper level are encouraged to.

Institutional and Institutional Partner memberships paying now for the period 2019-2022 will receive a waiver for payment of individual memberships for their participation at the 2022 conference (Institutional – 2 waivers;   Institutional Partner – 4 waivers) 


Please complete the following form. Once complete, please click on the submit button, and you will be taken to a payment page.

Organisation / Institution / Community:
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Payment from abroad may be made by PayPal only.

ICSA Membership includes receipt of a biannual newsletter, the ICSA Bulletin, and regular mailings of relevant material received from our communal contacts. 

The ICSA is situated at Yad Tabenkin, a non-profit organization, and is a forum for exchanging scholarship, information, ideas and experiences on intentional community.  The ICSA is apolitical and not a venue for furthering political programs and positions not relevant to the study of intentional community.