Yad Tabenkin, commemorating Yitzhak Tabenkin, is the research and documentation center of the United Kibbutz Movement.

Yitzchak Tabenkin (1897-1971) was one of the founders of “Achdut HaAvoda” (1919); participated in the Founding Convention of the Histadrut (the General Federation of Laborers in the Land of Israel - 1920). Tabenkin Was one of the founders of “HKibbutz Ha’Meuchad” Movement and its spiritual leader; Leader of “Achdut HaAvoda” until the establishment of the Labor Party in 1968 .

Tabenkin devoted much of his life to establish the foundations and the philosophy of Kibbutz and the communal life. He was a member of Kibbutz Ein Harod And served as a Knesset member (1,3).

In addition to its research and documentation activities Yad Tabenkin conducts seminars and workshops, publishes books and periodicals. and promotes contacts with interested institutions both in Israel and abroad.

As a research institute, Yad Tabenkin contains additional departments that serve both researchers and other interested parties: the Archives and the Bibliographic Institute, where most of the documentation is carried out; and a research library with a comprehensive collection of material on Kibbutz and communes.

Yad Tabenkin conducts several types of seminars and workshops as well as seminars for the general public and researchers, and workshops for kibbutz members.

The publication department publishes research studies and documentation, some published in collaboration with various academic publishers.

Yad Tabenkin maintains contacts with some fifty institutions of learning and research in Israel and throughout the world, including The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University, Bar Ilan and Ben Gurion Universities, Bet Berl, Givat Haviva, Yad Yaari, Oranim, the Institute for Kibbutz Research at Haifa University. the Ruppin Institute, and universities abroad.

Yad Tabenkin fosters its aim of supporting young researchers and others studying subjects within its sphere of interest by awarding eighteen research grants annually and biannually. The grants are available to any student at an academic institution working on a master's or doctoral degree and are awarded by a joint committee of Yad Tabenkin and Tel Aviv University.

Website: http://www.yadtabenkin.org.il/eng/

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